About us

The Mine Medical Professionals’ Association (MMPA) was originally founded in 1921. Then it was known as the Mine Medicals Officers’ Association. Over the decades the organisation changed its name a few times until it settled on the current name. The members of the association comprise of doctors and other health care professionals working in or interested in the mining industry.

The aims and objectives of the Association are:

(a) To study, discuss and to bring to the attention of its members any matters of medical and general interest pertaining to the mining industry.
(b) To promote the interests of the Medical Profession in the mining industry.
(c) To formulate and review guidelines for a desirable standard and scope of medical practice within the mining industry.
(d) To promote and organise continuing medical education.
(e) To promote medical research by members.

And To foster a friendly relationship of exchange of views among members of the Association and with the other organisations connected with the mining industry.