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Membership of the Association shall consist of: Ordinary Members, Associate Members and Honorary Members. Ordinary membership is available to any full or part-time medical or dental professional registered with the HPCSA, whose work or interest is in the field of mining.

The following shall be eligible for Associate Membership:

Ordinary Members who have ceased to hold appointments qualifying them for Ordinary Membershipand any full or part-time allied medical professional registered with the HPCSA or Nursing Council of South Africa as well as any person holding a post matriculation degree or qualification who is involved in research or professional activity relevant to the health of mineworkers.

Overseas membership is available to any full or part-time medical professional who resides outside the borders of South Africa and who is registered with a Professional Body. In all matters pertaining to membership, the final decision shall rest with the Executive Committee.

Associate and Honorary Members shall be entitled to take part in all discussions at General and Clinical Meetings of the Association, but they shall not have the right of voting. They shall only be eligible for membership of the Executive Committee at the discretion of the existing members. Any person elected to the Executive Committee shall become an Honorary Member of the Association.

Should you be interested in becoming a member of the association, Please fill out the form below as comprehensively as possible, and a MMPA representative will contact you as soon as possible.

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MMPA – Mine Medical Practitioners Association
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