MMPA Incapacity & Permanent Impairment Symposium, 4 May 2019

1.Disability vs ability to work. By Dr Enos Ramanos

2. Difference between disability and permanent impairment from compensation perspective. By Dr Luvuyo Dzingwa

3. The definition of work-related injury / disease. By Mr Mavhungu Ramurunzi

4. Early RTW and rehabilitation. By Dr Lucas Mosidi

5. Fitness to work. By Dr Dipalesa Mokoboto

6. OT Role in incapacity and disability. By Mrs Tia-Mari Hofmann


MMPA 21st Annual Congress 26 – 27 October 2018

Presentations, Friday 26 October 2018

1. A case law review: The occupational medical practitioner, the employer and the employee. What you must know. By Mr. Peter Strasheim

Case Law Update – MMPA Conf 2018 (Sun City) 26102018C

2. Complexity of placement in foreign countries. By Mr. Marius Van Aswegen

Dr M van Aswegen MMPA Presentation 26 October 2018

3. EMGuidance – Information at your fingertips. By Dr. Sule Burger

EMG for organisational partners – Dr Sule Burger

To view the video accompanied by Dr. Burger’s presentation. Please follow the link below.

4. Medically unfit health care professional vs HPCSA. By Prof. Rataemane

Health Committee Presentation 25 October 2018 – Prof Rataemane

5. The value of investing in health promotion in the workplace as a risk mitigating strategy. By Ms. Daleen Schoombee

MMPA The value of investing in health promotion in the workplace as a risk mitigating strategy

6. Impact of climate change on global resources. By  Prof. Barend Erasmus


7. Recognizing the vulnerable employee. By Dr. Vange Hamunjela

Vangee Mine workers RSA

Presentations, Saturday 27 October 2018

1. Masoyise health programme: An example of industry implementation of TB guidance note & DMR 164 reporting template. By Dr. Khanyile Baloyi

27 October 2018 MMPA -Masoyise Health Programme

2. Impact of health reforms on mining sector. By Dr. Charles Mbekeni

20181027.MMPA Congress.Health Reforms

3. MHSC Centre of Excellence project: Develop Methodologies for the Measurement of Diesel Exhaust Emissions (DEE) and Diesel Particulate Matter (DPM). By Ms. Julize van Niekerk


4. The NHI and medical schemes amendment act. By Prof. Roseanne Harris

NHI – 2018 – Roseanne Harris (2)

5. Minimum standards of fitness Guideline. By Dr. Dipalesa Mokoboto

Unpacking minimum standards of fitness- MMPA PRESENTATION